Programmers Alliance constitutes a Core Group, an Executive Assembly and Associate Members.  People start as Associate Members through either their corporate sponsors or by taking a rigorous test in their programming skills, after which they are certified in accordance with their skill level.

If you are willing to join Programmers Alliance, first check if the organization you work for is listed in accredited organizations directory and then talk to your organization’s HR team or contact person for sponsorship code.

You may also take a self-certification test series after which your membership will be sent for review.

Membership Levels

Associate Members

Associate Members are the largest group of programmers associated with programmers’ alliance. They are further divided into four levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 each carrying distinction badges as Intermediate, Pro and Master SkillSet. Thus, the levels indicated on a programmers’ alliance profile is a measure of skill level they bear.

  • Level 1 Associate Members: They are people who have successfully passed a membership examination through an affiliated organization/corporate body.
  • Level 2 Associate Members: The Level 1 Members who have scored a distinction in their respective organization or have been Level 1 Member for at-least 9 Months and then have been promoted by the collegium of Level 2 Members.
  • Level 3 Associate Members: The Level 3 Associate Members are those members who have either 2 years of membership as Level 1/2 Membership or have studied programming academically for at least three years post school education(12 years system or equivalent)
  • Level 4 Associate Members: A member who achieves first three position in a Hackathon or other programming competition organized by Programmers Alliance on the condition that there were at least 10 Level 3 participants.

Executive Assembly

Executive Assembly comprises of three leaders from each levels of Associate Members: President, Treasurer & Representative. Thus comprising a total of  24 Members: 12 Members from Associate Members and 12 Industrial Representatives of certified organizations.

Core Group

Core group is made up of Three elected members from Executive Assembly, one permanent member from Programmers Alliance Lifetime Sponsor, and, one member from educational and academic field.

Membership Benefits

  • Internal Voting rights
  • Access to meetings, seminar, meet ups and tutorial sessions
  • Access to internal blacklists – the people/companies to avoid working with
  • Ability to make an impact on government through inputs on policies affecting programmers
  • Access to Internal Reviews/Audits and forums